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Most elderly want to live in a relaxed manner and within the comfort of their own homes, and above all, independently. Their loved ones want the same but they just can’t stop worrying about safety and security. To have a stress free life both you and your senior loved one, you may consider visiting the companionship care agency of Cherished Hands Home Health, LLC in Germantown, MD This agency offers one of the best solutions for in-home care for your loved ones, especially those located in Montgomery County, Baltimore County, Prince George County, and Frederick County. Having a professional care aide to help at all moments is truly beneficial.

Companion care in Germantown, MD

What is the goal of Companion Care?

Not all companion care agencies are the same. With Cherished Hands Home Health, LLC in Germantown, MD, you will receive care services based on the needs of your elderly loved ones. Our services are available at your doorstep, at home hospice or even at assisted living facilities. Our companionship care covers both social and psychical aspects of senior care. The principal goals of our agency’s companionship care program is to provide the following things: 

  • Emotional support
  • Improvements in the quality of seniors life
  • Providing a companion for elderly

Companion Care Services in Germantown, MD

Without thinking too much about it, companionship care is exactly what its name implies. It offers company to elderly who are in dire need of it, to have someone to share personal stories and experiences with. The link between a caregiver and senior in this instance can be crucial for the overall well-being of seniors. Whether the seniors are experiencing Alzheimer’s already or simply want someone to accompany them in their daily routines, our caregivers and health aides are here to help.

Older adults who have a companion, engage in conversation more, which in addition to playing games such as scrabble or bridge can keep their mind sharp. This kind of action and brain stimulation can help delay the effects of dementia and Alzheimer’s. Indeed, our companionship care programs alongside our other care services can be instrumental for a healthier life, especially for seniors with Alzheimer’s already. Areas we currently serve include Montgomery County, Baltimore County, Prince George County, and Frederick County.

Companion Care services in Germantown, MD

In addition to providing companionship as its primary service, in , through its caregivers also offers help to elderly with:

  • Administrating medications
  • Daily activities such as getting in or out of bed/car
  • Light housekeeping duties
  • Preparing meals
  • Groceries shopping
  • Transportation

Quality, professionalism, and emphatic care are what we aim to provide to our patients and their families. Again, we are serving the Montgomery County, Baltimore County, Prince George County, Frederick County, and surrounding places. Give us a call to schedule an appointment with us. 

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