Does Medicare Pay for Respite Care?

Does Medicare Pay for Respite Care?

There's a lot of confusion over what Medicare does and doesn't pay for, though there are boundaries such as the line between extended hospital stays and long-term care. There are also many myths and misconceptions about services like respite care. What is respite...

Caregiving During the Holidays

Caregiving During the Holidays

Holidays are a busy time for everyone. A lot of energy is spent buying gifts, visiting family, and working hard to make sure clients can enjoy the festive season. Cherished Hands Home Health LLC knows how the holidays can be exhausting and inspiring in equal measures...

Polypharmacy Impacts on Elderly Population

Polypharmacy Impacts on Elderly Population

What is polypharmacy? It can be explained as the use of multiple medications generally referred to five or more prescribed drugs per day and/or the administration of more medications than are clinically indicated, representing unnecessary/unwanted drug use. [1] World...

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